Portrait of Tobias Baldauf

Hey! I'm Tobias Baldauf, web performance evangelist, senior web performance solutions architect at Akamai, dedicated dad, mindful veggy, music lover and forever curious geek.

I create DevOps tools, image optimization algorithms and speak at conferences. But don't take my word for it:

"Tobias has been leading from the beginning, constantly at the cutting edge of the web performance world. [...] He developed innovative image compression algorithms and optimizations, which have not existed in this form on the market yet. [...] Customers are amazed by his outstanding web performance expert knowledge and are asking to get him involved."
– From laudation by Mike Glöckner (Sr. Manager Service Consulting at Akamai) on Tobias Baldauf receiving the Innovator of the Year award

I received Akamai's Innovator Of The Year award in 2015 and keep coming up with ways to make the web faster. I also talk about it. Check out my speaker info if you want me to speak!